A Family of WebSundew 4 at Your Disposal

WebSundew web scraping tool is a software program that can be used in almost all spheres of business (E-Commerce, Retail, Real Estate, Information Technology and many others) to scrape target web sites, harvest data and store it in any format. It can automate the most time-taking and laborious copy-and-paste process and increase your working efficiency and speed. You need no special programming skills to use WebSundew web scraping tool, you need just to set up the Agent which will do all the work for you.

Today a family of WebSundew 4 is presented by four unique and custom-oriented editions: Lite, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. You can understand the difference between them even from their names. So we offer solutions to fit every taste from Lite edition which supports simplest but at the same "basic" and important features like extracting text from the target web site and importing it to Excel file to Enterprise edition which is mostly used by our enterprise customers to perform Text recognition, Incremental extraction and API. You can visit download page to get more information on technical capabilities of the editions.

If you value high labor productivity and know how to count the money, you simply can't do without WebSundew web scraper. Investments that you make when purchasing our web scraping tool will be soon repaid as you will save on man labor, which is connected with monotonous copying and pasting in Excel document of countless number of rows. You should keep in mind that there are web pages that contain information about the hundreds of thousands of products, it will take you months to get what you need. If you are not familiar with web scrapers, it's just time to start, not to find yourself at the end of a powerful stream of modern business. To evaluate our product it is enough to download and install the trial version on your machine or send us your extraction request with the target web site and data description.

WebSundew web scraping software tool is one of the best examples of the effective and reliable software for successful business development. With it you can extract unlimited amounts of information from the Internet and transform it upon your wish. WebSundew web scraper is an advanced software tool with user-friendly interface and a bunch of break-throughs to make its work simplest and effective. You can't imagine how the Agent which you set up and later run can extract information from almost all even most bad-structured and complex web sites overloaded with Java scrip or Ajax, whether is it a simple text or images (which is also possible). WebSundew web scraper is your reliable assistant in matters of extracting data from the web pages.

Which is also very important, WebSundew is the solution that allows you to handle web content without using scripts. It was developed for those who wish to use scripts' functionality for web data extraction and not bother for code writing. By just following the program's wizard, you can build a template for web scraping. Websundew will guide you through the template creation without a single string of code. It provides you with capabilities to extract unstructured HTML data from any web source and save it to a CSV, XML or spreadsheet format. Now, instead of frustrating browsing for updates when the time is pressing, you can open the Websundew window, click for data extraction and reap the fruit of modern cutting edge technologies. With the same ease that you share data between your MS Office applets, you can retrieve the most recent market figures or integrate existing web-enabled applications. The retrieved data will be available for processing and analysis in your customary format.

WebSundew allows integrating different web-enabled applications into a single point of reference without modifying them. Customers, suppliers, distributors and trading partners can be easily linked through existing web HTML-based applications. Fast iterative integration between web-enabled applets brings business to the competitive edge at the low TCO. Data aggregation and market intelligence are the main spheres of application of Websundew functionality. A wide range of industries starting with finance and banking to the real estate and retailing can greatly benefit from data integration provided by SundewSof .

WebSundew 4 Features at a Glance

  • Point-and-click user interface
  • Extract HTML-based data to MS Excel, CSV, XML, database or any text format
  • Download images and files
  • Process Web 2.0 web sites with heavy AJAX
  • Extract data from local html sources
  • Notification, custom export, RSS, publishing
  • Incremental extraction, text recognition
  • API - access WebSundew from Java, .Net
  • Built-it scheduler and command line support

Our Customer Policy Includes

  • Free extraction project for new customers, free upgrades and support for our licensed users
  • Lifetime WebSundew license for our licensed users
  • No additional fees, no subscriptions, you can process unlimited number of target web sites and get any data
  • No third parties involved, you are sure in security and confidentiality of your information

System Requirements

  • Operating System Requirement: Windows Seven/Vista/XP/2000
  • Processor (CPU): Pentium III/Athlon 1000 MHz or above
  • RAM: 512 MB or above

Restrictions Enforced in the Unregistered Version of the Program:

  • 15-day trial period. You can download and use our products free of charge for the trial period. Upon expiration of the trial period, using the program will be impossible.
  • The maximum number of entries that can be stored is 100
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