Passing initial URLs to an Agent from the external file

You can configure the agent to run from different URLs stored in the external file. To build an agent which uses URLs from an external file you need to:

  1. Activate the agent wizard by clicking on Create New Agent in the tool bar.
    Create New Agent
  2. Select the URL File option in the dialog. Click Next .
    Select URL file mode
  3. Select the file with URL list. It should be a text file and each URL should be in a separate line in it.
    Configure URL file
  4. Click Finish

The agent will load the page from the first URL in the file. Loop statement will appear in the Initial State of the agent.

URL file Loop

Now you can continue editing the Agent as usual.

To change URL file you need to click on the Loop statement in the diagram editor. Select the Iterator tab in the Properties view and select source file.

Edit URL file iterator
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