• TACTICA 2011-02-21 01:49:00.0

    I?m looking a tool to allow me to extract data from web sites to create a custom database.

    Sites like this: ... 4a1e291c4e

    Detailed ... cc4b93fcea

    The question if i can do it wiht SundewSoft, and how much cost if i need to do a preoject for me?

    Best regards
  • Elena Lyubina 2011-02-21 20:58:00.0
    Hi, thank you for your question, it is possibble to extract data from these sites. We have a special offer Free Extraction project for new customers of WebSundew. We will send your request to our technical department and then we'll send you a sample project. Our company also delivers special service to create custom projects. We will send you our terms and conditions via e-mail.

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