Data Extraction Issues

  • maknalivin 2011-02-11 06:14:00.0
    I have read the forums and it seems as though many people are having the same type of problems. My extraction needs to start at

    In the search box we would need to search each letter in the alphabet one at a time excluding vowels. The email you sent me on my test extraction said vowels were not good for the programing of the extraction. So, if we build a macro that enters 'b' in the search box and then hits search we get a list of companies which link to the data detail page I need. After going through each link on that page it the needs to start over and enter the next letter. C in this case. And so on.

    I understand that I need to build two extractions and then link them... What I dont understand is how to put all of this together. Can you please help me?

    How do I set something like this up from start to finish?

  • maknalivin 2011-02-12 08:00:00.0
    I figured it out. Its really pretty simple but no way to tell if the entire extraction was succesfull in trial version because it only allows 50 lines. I would need at least 500 to get to the next page... Nice program... Too expensive unless you intend to use it regularly. We really only need it this one time...

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