Composite Data Patterns

  • nikita 2011-02-25 07:43:00.0

    My question regards the multi-level extraction tutorial (the one with photo cameras). The data source contains information about each camera (image, title, description etc) crawled using the details pattern. How can I add a column that contains the URL of the details page?

    I created another data view / data source for the data iterator pattern that parses the list of URLs, but this way I only managed to create a separate file containing the list of URLs. I am interested in adding the URL column to the existing data source that also contains the information for each camera. Thus, the new table header should look like: URL , Image, Title, Description etc.

    I believe the answer lies in composite data patterns (which should somehow link the iterator and details pattern). I tried to create one and use the 'union' method to link the two, but this resulted in an empty file.

    I'd appreciate any suggestion.

    Thank you,
  • Elena Lyubina 2011-02-26 17:09:00.0
    Good Day,

    Thank you for your interesting questions. In fact things are easier, to add page address field you need to:
    - run the wizard to edit DataView
    - click 'Add Field'
    - select any 'Pattern Field'
    - select field type 'Link'
    - click 'Advanced' and mark the checkbox 'Self'

    A new field will be added into the DataView, the value of the new filed will be URL from which the data are extracted. Then you need to add this field
    into Datasource, its value will be added into the data source.

    Best regards,
    Elena Lyubina
    WebSundew Customer Service
  • nikita 2011-02-26 19:32:00.0
    Thank you, that worked.

    Best regards,

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