security warning is blocking everything

  • joaba 2013-02-03 23:12:00.0
    Hi there
    I'm evaluating the Websundew Lite version of your app, and although so far I was liking a lot all its capabilities, I have encountered a show-stopper, and a wonder whether this has easy solution.

    Basically I get a pop-up window as warning for viewing some kind of ssl accessed page.
    The pop-up window says:

    'You have requested an encrypted page. The web server has identified itself correctly, and information you see or enter on this page can't easily be read by a third party'

    There is also a check-box button saying 'alert me whenever I am about to view an encrypted page'

    But the pop-up window gets frozen and there is no way I can do anything... but killing the app...

    Is this normal or has any easy solution??

    Best regards,

  • Elena Lyubina 2013-02-10 11:52:00.0

    we can advise you the following method: enter the program set up (menuWindows / Preferences) and change browser settings. You need to change FireFox to ZBrowser, also turn off JavaScript. Then click OK and reload the program. We hope it will work.

    Elena Lyubina,
    WebSundew Support Team

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